Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Advisory circular for Helicopter Air Ambulance Operations Published...

From the FAA advisory circular...

The term Emergency Medical Service/Helicopter (EMS/H or HEMS) is obsolete. It is being replaced with HAA because, though a critical life and death medical emergency may exist, air ambulance flights are not operated as an emergency. Pilots and operator management personnel should not make flight decisions based on the condition of the patient, but rather upon the safety of the flight.

Does someone in government actually think that our accident rate can be reduced with a name change? While substantive changes are being made, you can call what we do whatever you want - it will not change the acuity of the bleeding and battered persons who lie on the cot next to us. 

This ain't no taxi ride pal...

While a new and inexperienced  HEMS pilot might worry about the condition of the patient, a much more likely scenario is a pilot and crew worrying about how many flights their base has performed - and if they are going to lose their jobs  It's too bad we've forgotten how dangerous it is to constantly harp on volume.

Click here to download the AC as a pdf.

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