Friday, February 10, 2017

Remember Rebecca - Remember That It Is Okay To Say Stop...

"Weather overlays with the GPS track indicated that the helicopter made the 360° turn about the same time that an outflow boundary wave, which could have increased the potential for windshear and strong updrafts and downdrafts and reduced ceilings and visibility. Following the 360° turn, the helicopter proceeded toward the destination. About 14 minutes later, the helicopter turned right and began flying toward a major highway. It is likely that, due to the reduced visibility in the area, the pilot was flying toward the highway to follow the lights toward the city. The helicopter then turned further right and began to climb. As the helicopter entered another outflow boundary wave, it turned left. The left turn tightened, and the helicopter began to rapidly descend into terrain. The helicopter impacted a mesa in a near-level attitude."


  1. I must have posted it somewhere once, but would you mind letting me know where you got the last texts we sent each other?

    1. Hello, the screen captures of the texts were posted on one of the many media-outlets that covered this event at the time - unfortunately we don't remember which one. Perhaps it was the same source as the pictures of Rebecca. We are all extremely sorry about your loss, and don't wish to cause you any more pain, or to reopen an old wound. We hope that one or more of the 10,000 people who read this post will - should they find themselves in similar circumstances - take action to prevent a repeat of this tragedy.
      From all of us at HelicopterEMS.com, and within the industry - please accept our heartfelt condolences.


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