Tuesday, September 6, 2016

From our Facebook page... Whose business is it anyway?

One of the two "business ends" of HEMS. That's what makes HEMS so interesting. And challenging.
HEMS is half healthcare and half aviation. So are we an aviation industry that adds a healthcare component as we fly people? Or are we a healthcare industry hiring a helicopter to shorten timelines?

Yes. We are both.

We need each end of that flying ICU to operate at peak efficiency. And to do that we have to work together. Straight up.

Pilots. Please don't interpret questions from your crew as threats to your position. Please ask yourself, is there some way I could handle this better? If they have a weather app on their smartphone, use it, and them, as another resource. Don't get angry when a crew member is looking at weather. Hundreds of us have killed hundreds of them. In weather. You may know that you are better than the folks that crashed. So did they, as they walked out to their helicopter for the last time... Patience and humility.

Clinicians. Please understand all of the information that your pilot is processing and acting upon, even as they sit there quietly and wiggle sticks. They weight of their responsibility is heavy, and pressure changes behavior. Patience and humility.

Leadership. Do not let a sore fester in your program. The infection WILL spread.
Do your job.

All. Please communicate clearly and calmly. Try to discharge your emotions when searching for information. Say what you mean to say...

It's a matter of life and death that we do this correctly.