Tuesday, January 19, 2016

PHI Air Medical and Destination Zero

I had the pleasure of meeting Lance Bospflug at PHI Air Medical's customer support dinner during the last AMTC. Upon arrival at the venue, I headed straight to the bar for some refreshment. I found a tall, well spoken, interesting and interested gentleman standing there. He greeted me courteously - without knowing me, who I worked for, or what I did. I told him I had just retired from active flying in HEMS, and was now going to focus on preventing crashes. After expressing surprise at my retirement, he let me know with warmth in his voice that my new "mission" is a good one.

And now here he is, reiterating that goal himself.

Later when I asked NEMSPA's president, who had invited me to this fine social function, "who is that guy" Kurt said, "Oh, just the top guy in the company..."

Charismatic leadership is transformative. It evokes an emotional response that percolates through our cognitive-self and results in desired behavior. The way people "feel" about what they are doing determines how they do it.

Well done sir - well done in word and in deed.


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