Thursday, October 8, 2015

Good thing he had a second engine...

The odds of an engine failure are extremely rare...

But it does happen. Here is a bit from a Concern Network posting...

Part 91 ferry flight with pilot and passenger onboard. While climbing
        through 7200' MSL (1000' AGL), the pilot heard three loud pops in
        rapid succession and simultaneously a #1 engine chip light
        illuminated. The pilot immediately began a turn towards lower terrain
        and lowered the collective to an OEI profile at which time the engine
        completely failed. The pilot secured the engine in accordance with
        checklist procedures and proceeded to the closest, most suitable
        landing area wherein he made an uneventful landing.
        The company performed a full PAIP and debrief. The pilot has been
        commended for his exemplary performance in managing the emergency
        The engine was removed and sent to PWC for teardown analysis. The
        result of this analysis determined that there was a failure of the #3
        bearing. Currently there is an elective Service Bulletin (SB28340) for
        operators to replace this bearing during engine overhaul time.

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