Monday, July 13, 2015

What will you leave HEMS?

I hope to leave HEMS a little better than I found it. So many friends have come to sad ends in helicopters; wouldn't it be something if we could change that? Maybe if we share our experiences, the mistakes we made, the lessons we learned...

I hope others won't have to learn the lessons the hard way.

I had the privilege of taking Liz Cotrell on her first patient transport after being signed off as a qualified flight team member. She did great! When I started flying sick people she was fresh out of diapers. When she stops flying sick people, I will be back in them. In the meantime she is getting CRM/AMRM on the fly. May harm never find her...

While picking up my team from a hospital, we were approached by two young EMT students. Helicopters fascinate people. We need good people in helicopters. It's up to us to find them. And support them.

Before you know it, the young men and women crewing these Blackhawks (visiting Tallahassee FL for instrument training) will be occupying our HEMS machines. Here's hoping our industry will be alive, well, and more safe for them when they get here...

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