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Aviation Insurance: The Importance of Preparing for Disaster

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Amanda contacted me and asked about posting a bit as a guest. While many readers are involved in HEMS in a capacity that doesn't require consideration of insurance for the aircraft (the operator does this) it is always good to learn... Perhaps in her next bit, Amanda will touch on liability insurance for HEMS pilots (do we need it?) and clinicians (do they need it?) 

Thanks Amanda for your interest. And for contributing to our community. We hope to hear more from you. Guest bloggers are welcome to contact us with post ideas... 

Amanda writes:

We all hope that we'll never need HEMS services, but disaster happens. Choosing the right aviation insurance plays a key role in the aftermath of an accident, so it's important for pilots and aircraft owners and their passengers to stay protected through proper coverage. Learn more about the different types of coverage that aviation insurance can provide, and the impact it could have after an accident.

How Aviation Insurance Protects You

When disaster strikes, aviation insurance can mean the difference between day and night. Having the right aircraft and passenger coverage can potentially save thousands of dollars in the event of an accident. It can also help streamline and soften the process of recovery from injuries, any legal issues that may arise from the accident, and the time and headache that often goes into having an aircraft repaired, or – in worst cases – replaced.

Choosing Your Aviation Insurance

Just as other types of insurance, aviation insurance is available in a broad selection to cater to your particular needs. A typical comprehensive aviation insurance package would include coverage for the aircraft, coverage for the pilot and passengers, and coverage for damages and injuries that might happen.
When selecting your coverage, it’s important to consider all the risks and special considerations associated with your flight procedures. A specialized aviation insurance agent can help you to navigate your options and determine which coverage is right for you.

Protecting Your Passengers

As suggested by the name, passenger liability insurance covers any passengers riding in the plane in the event of an injury or death. Typically, this type of insurance is offered on a per-seat basis, so each passenger is typically insured separately. This type of insurance is vital for those frequently carrying passengers, or for those just looking for extra peace of mind in protecting their family, friends, or colleagues.

Protecting the Flight

In-flight coverage is the type of insurance that most people will associate with aviation insurance. This insurance covers all aspects of the flight, and most likely will include ground operations. Any damage that occurs during the flight or while the aircraft is parked will typically be covered by this type of insurance.

Protecting the Public

In some accidents, the aircraft will come in contact with other property, such as buildings, light poles, vehicles, or another aircraft. This is where public liability insurance comes in. it’s also referred to as third-party insurance, as it works to cover the third parties who were also involved in the accident. In many states, this type of insurance is required.

Getting Covered

Individuals and companies who fail to maintain proper insurance coverage can face potentially disastrous effects – physically, legally, and financially. If you’re in the market for a new aviation insurance policy or you’re looking to augment your current policy, please contact a qualified aviation insurance agent. An agent will help to evaluate your specific needs and calculate potential risks to make sure that your coverage is just right. 

You can contact Amanda at amanda@avioninsurance.com for any questions about insurance...

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