Friday, October 31, 2014

A Powerful Message From Randy Mains...


After returning to my hotel room from the second round of meetings with the HAA action team in Denver yesterday, my phone rang - it was a number I didn't recognize.

"Hello this is Dan..."

"Hi Dan, this is Randy Mains, did I get you at a bad time?"

I had the time and we talked for an hour, sharing experiences, AMRM teaching ideas, and things we have seen in the classroom that didn't fit - like a student fixated on a smartphone while we are doing everything within the limits of heart and soul to keep them alive.

I have known about Randy for years, as he writes in several magazines, has published books, and has presented several times at the Air Medical Transport Conference. When NEMSPA president Kurt Williams and I met him this year in Nashville - it made the trip! Randy is absolutely committed to ending the loss of EMS helicopters and crews.

As am I.

It was an honor to speak with him again, and hear about his trip to produce a "Digital Safety Story." This is a great project and these stories impart wisdom. We can learn from someone else's pain and suffering - instead of our own.

Check out Randy's digital safety story here by clicking here.

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