Thursday, July 3, 2014

Another Wonderful Flight-Team Member Taking Off... So long Vicki! It was Great Working With You...

Vicki Fenters, Former Flight Nurse and Future Nurse Practitioner...
For those who know me, know that change is very difficult for me. It is so hard to believe that I am only 2 semesters away from finishing NP school! Yay!!!! I knew the time would come that I would leave my job as a flight nurse when I decided to start NP school. I had hoped to continue flying until I graduated, however, the clinical and class time conflicts with my 24 hour shifts so unfortunat...ely, I had to resign my position at LifeNet.

Over the nearly 6 years I have worked at LifeNet, I have made many new friends who have become more like family than some of my blood relatives. This was not an easy decision mostly for this reason.

I wanted to be a flight nurse since I was 5 years old when my life and the lives of my immediate family were impacted by a flight crew in 1980. I went in to this job wanting to be the best flight nurse possible and to make a difference in as many lives as God planned for me. I pray I was successful in meeting and exceeding these goals. I have completed 585 patient flights thus far, obtained my paramedic certification, CFRN and was 2011 SC Emergency Nurse of the Year. Not to mention, I even had the opportunity to be a defender of tomorrow. HaHa. (A little inside joke to my LifeNet peeps!!) I think I am ok with hanging my "wings" up with these stats. Thank you Jason Bober for being an awesome base manager!!

I am excited, however, to transition back to the ED and am looking forward to working with some great ER nurses at Parkridge. Thank you Angela Bruccoli for this opportunity!!

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