Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Correction To My Story About Pilot's Beds, ASTNA, And Sleep Inertia...

While teaching AMRM I tell stories. As Robert Shiller wrote,

"Psychologists have argued there is a narrative basis for much of the human thought process, that the human mind can store facts around narratives, stories with a beginning and an end that have an emotional resonance. You can still memorize numbers, of course, but you need stories."
I was doing this today in a room full of Boston Medflight folks, talking about fatigue and sleep inertia and a proposal that was once made to remove the beds from the pilot's rest areas. I incorrectly attributed this proposal to the Air and Surface Transport Nurses Association. While on a break, Michael Frakes - who is one of the leaders in the HEMS industry and a former member of the board of directors for ASTNA - pointed out my error and informed me that the proposal initiated with CAMTS, and was resisted by ASTNA. If I have presented at your program and misrepresented this, please take note of this correction to an error of fact.

No harm intended...

Fly safe...

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