Wednesday, February 26, 2014

They all lived...

It isn't very often that you will live through flying a helicopter into the earth...

Learn from this...

                                Photo courtesy Don Boyd

How far will you let me go before you say no...

This is on a slide that I use at the end of a role-playing scenario with the newest crew member in my class; me, and an old crusty. I talk to the oldster offline and tell him or her to play along with me as we proceed into a flight scenario with deteriorating weather.

It's a simple technique, and it makes the point - occasionally I your pilot will keep going when I should stop. There are many reasons for this phenomenon: hazardous attitudes, excessive commitment to the task at hand, incompetence... No matter. What you must do, Mr. or Ms. Crewmember is know when to say...


Lest you end up like these lucky souls.

LifeStar Down...(note: there are many LifeStar HEMS programs, this is Martin County FL)

Video credit: Todd Tucker.

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