Thursday, December 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday... A day in the life.

A car bursts into flames on I-95. Four people are burned trying to remove a child from the vehicle. Colleton County EMS puts out a call for helicopters.

The former Meducare Air and the former CareForce helicopters (now LifeNet 7 and LifeNet 1, part of the LifeNet South Carolina statewide system) respond from Charleston and Columbia South Carolina, respectively. Not pictured, but also responding is the LifeStar 1 helicopter from Savannah GA. This program is also now part of  the LifeNet system, retaining the LifeStar name due to the associated history and goodwill.  

EMS prepares multiple patients for transport to the Dr. Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta GA.

Paramedic Susan Lindemoen loads a patient into the Bell 230 with help from Colleton County Fire and Rescue personnel. Bell only made 38 model 230s, and soon transitioned to the 4 bladed rotor system on the Bell 430. 

The 230 departs, with her two massive blades thumping the atmosphere into submission. This is the rotor system that sets off car alarms on final approach.

This event is a precursor and rehearsal for the larger HEMS response to the sugar plant explosion and fire that will send every helicopter in the region to Savannah, and then on to the burn center...

All photos courtesy Barry McRoy, Chief, Colleton County Fire Rescue

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