Friday, December 19, 2008

New to the BK-117?

Don't be low, slow, and in a right turn (to look at an LZ). Cross controlling the cyclic and pedals will lead you to running out of cyclic travel to the left rear quadrant. At least one BK has been crashed for this. Top (left) pedal will get you out of this conundrum.

Don't forget to turn on your transfer pumps. The supply tanks do not get fed any other way. If you have the instrument lights turned on, you won't see the caution segments. (Using the checklist helps with this). More than one BK has been crashed for this.

Don't get anywhere near VNE. The rigid rotor system can suffer RBS all at once and when the old girl snaps up it will scare the ever-living-crap out of you. Rotors have struck empennages for this. It could easily turn into loss of control. Cruise at 60% torque vice top-of-the-green-arc and reduce power to descend. Don't push her over on her nose.

Per an industry expert, the reduction in VNE to RBS margin may be due to erosion on the leading edge of the rotor blades.

Don't fly in moderate or worse turbulence unless you want to induce vomiting in all pax and maybe a little white-knuckle in yourself. Turbulence can also contribute to RBS. The BK is a horrible IFR platform. The POS autopilot has no redundancy and will quit in turbulence.

Any time you change aircraft (BK to BK), do a complete thorough preflight and runup using the checklist, and checking every single switch, gadget, function etc. Most pilots don't use checklists, so some anomolies go un-noticed or un-documented for long periods of time. No two aircraft are set up the same. It's not good when the overspeed protection system isn't hooked up and no pilots notice this for several months. (Checking this is a daily function)

Do not ever try to do a power check on a dolly.

Smarter guys than me can tell you more....


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