Sunday, May 3, 2015

Feedback on AMRM Training Solutions...

"everyone who viewed the video of the AMRM training session enjoyed it and found it useful. It was well received all around. I've spoken with Eric (our director), and he's in agreement with me that this kind of training would be beneficial for us on an annual basis. I'd like to invite you back next year,"

I travel to flight programs and present Air Medical Resource Management Training. This started after a friend crashed and killed himself - which was a tragedy - and his crew, which was a spur to action.

If your flight program is subject to human factors and human errors, and you would like to help prevent same - contact me. I will never make much money with this, but money isn't why I do it. I have spent time with hundreds, perhaps thousands of folks. Not one of them has come to harm in a helicopter.

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