Wednesday, July 9, 2014

National EMS Memorial Service Keynote Address...

EMS providers turn people’s fear into hope and alter the outcomes of the worst days of their lives. When your loved one arrived on scene, nothing was more urgent for the patient or their family than to converse with them. And that desire transcended all other priorities in their lives at that moment.

"So for the families sitting here today, please know that we recognize how painful it must be for you to endure another memorial service. And for that we not only recognize the honorees for their sacrifice, but we also recognize you for your courage and strength of heart.
Your own selflessness was tested time and again in the wee hours of the night, over the holidays, on weekends, during rewarmed dinners and sitting alone at children’s events. You, too, were subject to the ne...eds of the community, and we appreciate your commitment."
excerpt from Scott Craven's, keynote address at the National EMS Memorial Service.

Read the entire address by clicking here...

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