Friday, April 17, 2015

GodSpeed Abe Bronn...

Haverfield Aircraft 

I met Abe Bronn when he showed up to fly the air medical helicopter my company operates near Charleston, South Carolina. As I was the duty pilot that day, I conducted his local area orientation and we got to know each other.

He was a veteran, a Night Stalker (Little bird guy), a golf-lover, and an all-around good guy. He got along well with his crews and flew very well. We were lucky to have him with us.

Later, when I worked another base and it came time for the  daily radio checks with aircraft all over the state, Abe would check-in with a hearty "GOOD MORNING AIR-COM! LifeNet 7 has you LOUD and CLEAR.... This always made me smile. The last time I saw Abe, he and his wife were at a party in Charleston. It was a lot of fun for my wife and I to get to know them.

Abe left us and took a job with Haverfield performing utility work. I just learned that he was killed while crashing into a river in Alabama.

Please keep Abraham Bronn's family in your thoughts and prayers.

God Speed friend...

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