Thursday, January 29, 2015

Can we perform single-pilot IFR in a single-engine helicopter?

We are returning from the Industry/Government conference in Alexandria, VA. We will have a post about the comments made in a day or so - but as a teaser - a serious and well-fashioned proposal was made to again conduct SE SPIFR.

Engine reliability was discussed, single pitot-static systems, and lightweight inexpensive autopilot systems - which will be appearing in our VFR aircraft in the near future.

HAI is involved in this debate, and more action is expected at Heli Expo, click here for info.

What do think about this?

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  1. Can i not be a piece of self loading baggage on that flight?
    I mean, i know completing flights at all costs is a thing, but id rather not (read NOT EVER) be a part of that flight.
    Arent we attempting to reduce HEMS crashes?
    Maybe I'm completely miseducated, but my thoughts remain. And i can't imagine any educated, experienced CFRN that would sign up for that detail. Thusly, you would be making a flight program less safe, and less experienced via discouragement of qualified flight RN's.
    But thats just me....


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